1090 - 36 inch - 700CFM - Touch Button

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Style: Range Hood USGD1090(Ducted)

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Powerful Motor to Provides Efficient Suction

Motor exhausts out the air in the range hood body, form a low-pressure area inside to lead the movement of the air. This is a premium blower that instantly pulls smoke and odors from the surrounding air, keeping your home free from indoor pollutants.

Three Fan Speeds Suit a Variety of Foods and Cooking

Low Speed: It is suitable for steamed fish, crab, stewed soup that produce a small amount of smoke and steam.

Medium Speed: Ideally for some foods and cooking methods with more oily fume, like fried eggs and boiled vegetables.

High Speed: It can quickly absorb the oily fume while a lot of smoke and grease produced by stir-frying and frying, keep the kitchen away from harmful odors.

Easy to Clean Stainless Steel Grease Filters

The professional range hood has two baffle filters to protect your hood by trapping particles of grease, simply drop in the dishwasher for easy maintenance and cost savings, ensuring a perfect airflow and efficient ventilation of the entire kitchen.


Time and Delayed Shutdown Function

The ducted range hood with LCD display touch control makes it simple to turn on, off, and adjust speed as you cook, and stove hood also has time and delayed shutdown function, which help exhaust the remaining smoke from the kitchen after you finish cooking.

5-layer Aluminum Filters

Designed with easy-to-remove 5-layer aluminum filters, it can purify the air and remove grease from the smoke. Easy to install and clean, this rang hood can always stay optimal efficiency. Detachable and durable, easy to install and clean, dishwasher safe.

700 CFM Strong Suction

With the 700 CFM strong suction, this 36 inch range hood can prevent the cooking fumes from spreading.

Adjustable Exhaust Fan Speeds

Provides 3 levels of speeds including Low, Medium and High. They are suitable for you to adjust when you simmere soups, stir frying, broil steaks and more.

Ducted / Ductless Hood Vents

This kitchen hood has ducted a 6 inch round vent on the top, can use with an exhaust pipe to ducted outside; also can work with carbon filters for ductless use.

Two LED Task Lights

illuminate the entire cooking surface below with natural-looking light.

Touch Control and LCD Screen

1. On/Off button to control the range hood. Light button control led light.
2. 3 fan speeds (Low, Middle and high) can adjust the wind speed flexibly.
3. Delay shutdown function, allows you to set your range hood to continue ventilation after you leave the cooking area.


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39.4 inch


19.7 in


36 in


Hood Type

Wall Mount


36 inch

Task Light Type


Wattage of the LED Light


Item Weight 

‎30 pounds

Package Included 

Range Hood

 Chimney Bracket

User Manual

Damper, Chimneys, Aluminum Flex Duct

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