The Tieasy Story


When you walk into a kitchen, what's the first thing you notice? It might be the color or decor style, but you quickly realize the importance of a crucial appliance - the range hood. It makes your kitchen more comfortable and clean and keeps your home healthier. That's the mission of our brand: Tieasy

Our story starts with a small home appliance company that is dedicated to developing and manufacturing various high-quality range hoods. Our team members are passionate about home environment and health, constantly researching innovative technologies and designs to meet customer needs.

At the beginning of Tieasy, we faced many challenges such as insufficient funding and staff shortages. But we persevered and through trial and error, successfully developed a range of high-quality range hoods.

Our brand name, Tieasy, comes from the abbreviation of "the easy way," meaning our range hoods can easily help you solve kitchen smoke problems and make your life easier and more comfortable.

Our range hoods come in various styles and sizes, from classic wall-mounted to modern island hoods, from small personal households to large commercial kitchens. We continue to research and innovate to adapt to market changes and customer needs.

Under our Tieasy brand, we not only sell range hoods but are also committed to providing the best pre-sales and after-sales service to ensure our customers enjoy the best user experience. We believe that the success of a brand comes from customer recognition and trust, and our goal is to make every customer satisfied and confident.