YY 0290BPB - 36 inch - 700CFM - Touch Button

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Modern outlook

The island-mounted range hood is made of #430 grade black painted stainless steel, and its excellent transparent glass canopy highlights its simple, simple lines and european style. With its stylish appeal, durability and powerful functions, it has become an indispensable part of today's kitchen.

Soft Touch Cnotrol Screen with Time Display

Multi-function achieved by 4 touch buttons: Power button、Fan button、Lamp button、Time button.

1-59 Min Delay Shut-off 

To keep air venting several mins after cooking finish can make sure the rest of odor, grease, fumes be removed completely. It is easily achieved by light touch the time button, light touch once for 1 min delay shut-off, maximum to 59 min.

Cooking Area Under Range Hood is Bright & Clear

4 bright led lamp light up the island kitchen brightly and clearly, no matter which side. Makes your cooking easier.

Permanent Reusable Stainless Steel Filters

430 stainless steel : With good corrosion resistance, can be used many years.
 Quick-remove switch : Filters can be take off in 3 second.
 Dishwasher safe : Say goodbye to hand cleaning, save time.


Refer to all the specification information of the product, if you still have doubts, please contact us!


Max: 42.1 in / Min: 22.8 in


23.6 in


35.2 in


Hood Type



36 inch

Task Light Type


Vent Size

6 inch Round Pipe Diameter

Item Weight 

‎58.7 pounds

Package Included 

Range Hood

Chimney Hood

User Manual

Damper, Chimneys, Aluminum Flex Duct

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