GH001-122G - 12 inch - 2 Burner Built-in Stainless Steels Propane Gas Cooktop

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Bakelite Knob Controls

Bakelite Knob Controls

Melt-proof and anti-scalding bakelite knob controls,with child protection lock,need to press and rotate at the same time to ignite, preventing children from accidentally touching.

Thermocouple Protection

Thermocouple Protection

Every burner unit is installed a thermocouple flame-out failure system (FFD), will automatically cut off the gas supply when the flame goes out unexpectedly, to avoid gas leakage.

Heavy-duty Cast Iron Grate

One-piece heavy cast iron grate, easy to assemble and remove, will not deformed. The unique 8 claw structure is suitable for all kinds of pots and pans, can support the pot firmly, avoid letting the pan slip off.

2 Burner Propane Cooktop

2 Burner Propane Cooktop

Features two sealed burners of different power, burner power is 5,000-BTU and 10,500-BTU, can be adjusted individually, meet various cooking needs. This gas stoves for kitchen is preinstalled for NG, extra LPG Nozzles included, can be changed to meet your needs.

Bulit-in RV Stove

Bulit-in RV Stove

ERBESNELING Product size: 11.6" W x 20.4" L x 3.9"H, Cut out size: 10.7" Wx 18.9" L. Pre-installed 120v power cord. Please note that: Natural gas pressure regulator and gas pipe are NOT included.12 inch width suitable for RVs,apartments or outdoor, please verify this propane stove is the right size for you.


Refer to all the specification information of the product, if you still have doubts, please contact us!

Product Size


3.9 inch


20.4 inch


11.6 inch

Cut Out Size


3.9 inch


18.9 inch


10.7 inch


Part Number


Item Weight

‎19.66 pounds

Product Dimensions

20.08 x 12.2 x 3.94 inches

Special Features


Burner type


Installation of built-in gas cooktop

This gas cooktop is for bulit-in use only, please verify the gas cooktop is the right size for you.

Product Dimensions: 11.6" W x 20.4" L x 3.9"H

Cut out Dimensions: 10.7" Wx 18.9" L

For a correct installation, the following precautions must be followed:

a) Fixing fittings (brackets, screws) are provided to place the gas cooktop on work top, measure 0.79 to 1.58 inch in thickness

b) In the event the gas cooktop is not installed on a built-in oven, a wooden panel must be inserted for insulation.This panel must be placed at least 0.79 inch distance from the bottom of cooktop.

c) When installing the gas cooktop on a built-in oven, the oven should be placed on two wooden strips; in the case of a joining cabinet surface, remember to leave a space of 1.78 x 22 inch at least from the back side.

Please note that:

1) Extra LPG Nozzles included in the pageage, the natural gas pressure regulator and the gas pipe are NOT included.

2)It is recommended that gas stove be installed and tested by professionals.

Package Included 

12 inch Gas Cooktop with pot stand

Preset NG nozzles(extra 2 Propane nozzles)

1/2 NPT Connector and Elbow Connector with sealing rings

Sealing strip, Mounting brackets and screws

User Manual


User Manual


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